Here's what I want you to do first, to really get the best results out of this course.


1. JOIN The Lettering Hive Facebook Group

It's a group that is dedicated to all who love lettering, whether you take this course or not. You can post questions, ask for feedback, share your struggles and more. After you join, read the welcome post or the description for more info.

2. POST one lettering problem you need help with

And of course introduce yourself, tell us if you're in the course or not, tell us what you want to learn. Don't be afraid or shy to show your work, most of the people there are beginners too and are going through the same course you are. So make friends and learn together.

3. Find a quote or short phrase you want to letter

Lesson 5 is actually a 5 day project. You will start with picking a quote or phrase, sketching out ideas, refining ideas, coloring or inking your design, digitizing in Photoshop and finally printing it out. So if you have a quote ready you can start sooner, and already be thinking about what tools you may want to use and what you want the layout and style too look like as you're going through the first 4 lessons.

Also, don't forget to share your progress of this on the FB group or on Instagram using #theletteringcourse


If you want to learn you need to commit to it, you don't learn to swim by only dipping your toe in the water, same with lettering. You need to jump all the way in, learn all you can learn, and really engage in the learning process. You need to practice, very often, like every day, even 10 minutes a day doing some drills will get you results.  And most of all, believe in yourself and your abilities, you will get there. 


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