Hey there early bird!


Since the course isn't coming out till the Summer, this is the perfect time for you to practice lettering even more. Or create some projects that you can work on through the course. So instead of digitizing the demo project I provide, you can actually work on your own piece. Then when you're done with the course you can have one digitized piece all of your own.


1. JOIN The Lettering Hive Facebook Group

It's a group that is dedicated to all who love lettering, whether you take this course or not. You can post questions, ask for feedback, share your struggles and more. After you join, read the welcome post or the description for more info.

2. POST one lettering of digitizing problem you need help with to the group.

And of course introduce yourself, tell us if you're in the course or not, tell us what you want to learn. Don't be afraid or shy to show your work, most of the people there are beginners too and are going through the same problems you are. And I pop into the group daily to answer any of your questions as well.


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