all my favorite tools that I actually use all the time



Evernote: This awesome app is just heavenly. Use it to keep track of lists, notes, bookmarks, reminders, and more. I use it to organize my blog post ideas, write blog posts, and make checklists.

Trello: An awesome task manager app. I recommend it to everyone doing anything. But, if you are self employed or have a lot of projects to juggle, this is great. It works for me and I LOVE it. I recommend taking this course to learn how to use it. Otherwise it may be a little overwhelming and confusing.

Rad and Happy Planner The only planner that I’ve used for more than 6 months. It’s like a bullet journal calendar that you don’t have to draw out every month. Us moms just don’t have time for none of that.

Notebook: A simple notebook can do wonders, divide it into sections and you got yourself an organization tool. I absolutely love these Greenroom notebooks from Target.


Baron Fig Confidant: This is a great notebook and sketchbook all in one. The pages can take light gouache or acrylic and some markers. Especially Tombows (Sharpie bleeds through) for lettering. I use it for sketching and for taking quick notes. Comes with blank, lined or dot grid pages. Get $10 off your $25 or more purchase.

Sketchbook: Yup I'm old school, I do all my sketches and ideas for designs or art in a sketchbook with a good old pencil. If you don't have a sketchbook, loose printer paper works wonder. But I do recommend a sketchbook, and if you get one I personally love Paperblanks, because the covers are amazing.

Smooth Paper HP Premium32: Loose paper for lettering with Tombow and other brush markers. You NEED smooth paper so you don’t ruin your tips.

Canson XL watercolor paper: If you’re just starting out and not creating masterpieces. Especially since it’s just lettering, go with this paper. It’s not the worst but it’s also not gonna break your bank. If you’re doing some nice watercolor painting and you are not a beginner anymore. Try this Arches paper, it’s amazing.


Adobe Suite: I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and InDesign on a daily basis.

Photoshop: Mainly used to manipulate photos and mockup art and templates. I don't design in Photoshop because the images are raster and can't be scaled in the future. 

Illustrator: For creating graphics for websites, logos, anything that has to do with design, fonts and layouts.

InDesign: Used for making worksheets, writing up contracts for clients and books.

Lightroom: I use this for all my photo needs, it's where I organize photos, fix any color or exposure issues, crop and export for my needs. This is the best tool for someone who wants to manage and edit photos without the knowledge of Photoshop.

iMovie: For all my video editing needs.


Astropad: Mirror your computer screen to your iPad and use the Apple pen to work with Photoshop or Illustrator and many other apps. A MUST FOR ANY ARTIST


Wacom tablet: This is the best tool if you like to draw or sketch out anything that you will then transfer to the computer. It gives you the ability to draw digitally and is way more accurate than a computer mouse.

Huion Light Tablet: Leave those bulky expensive light tables behind and make some room for this bad boy. If you are an artist or designer you will enjoy this. It's light, thin and not expensive at all. The smaller sizes plug right into your USB for power. 

SumoGrip mechanical pencil. Come in three sizes of lead and I use them all, all the time. It’s eraser is magically big and lasts forever. Checkout my blog about it.


Tombow Dual Brush Pen: Great for brush lettering for intermediate letterers.

Tombow Fudenosuke: Hard and soft tip. Great for beginners.

Pentel water brush: For watercolor lettering.

Pentel fude brush: For awesome textured black ink lettering.


iPad Pro 12.9 2017 edition and Apple pencil: I mostly create all my lettering worksheets on this, also fonts, and other graphics. The best investment I made for my business. It’s paid for itself many times.

Grid Builder: Perfect for designing layouts.


Wave accounting: It's free baby! This is where I organize all my income, invoices and get paid by clients.

Trello: Great, free way to keep track of client project and conversations.