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I’m having issues with my account login?

My school is setup to use myTeachable accounts.

For more information on that please visit this page. https://support.teachable.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000359807-Using-myTeachable-Guide-for-Students


I can’t login to my account and I’m using the right login info?

Sometimes Teachable can be fickle, and there is a trick I learned that works for some people. If you are 100% sure that you are using the right email and password, try this...

When logging in, put in the wrong email on purpose, and try to log in. It won’t let you, then, try to log in again with the right email. If that doesn’t work try the same trick with your password.


I don’t remember my password?

Unfortunately I can’t see your password, only your email, so I can’t tell if you are entering the same one. I can only go as far as contacting support on Teachable to look into it.


Where do I download the worksheets?

The worksheets can be found under Your Project in the menu right below the video. Then look to the right side for the Attached Files. 



How do I get the printable or pdf I just purchased?

Your file is automatically available for download as soon as payment is processed. You will see a “Download files” link in your order history.

For more detailed directions visit this page https://help.etsy.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013328108-Downloading-a-Digital-Item


I can’t download the worksheets?

If you’re using your phone or tablet to download it may not work. Try on a desktop computer and usually it works fine.


I ordered these worksheets but never got anything in the mail?

All the items in my shop are digital printables. Meaning, after purchase you get to download the file, but printing is up to you. It gives you instant access because you can instantly print them at home or send to your local printer.


I am having trouble printing these worksheets?

There’s only so much I can do from my end to ensure your printing goes smoothly. Depending on your home printer you will see different settings and options for printing.

Generally you want to adjust the color.

In your setting tab, find an area that lets you manually adjust the color or brightness settings. From there you can make it darker or lighter.


What pens or brushes do you recommend for your worksheets?

For the 90DaysOfDrills worksheets I recommend the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens. For beginners I recommend the hard tip one. Then transition to the soft tip. If you don’t have a Tombow pen try the Pentel Sign Pen with the flexible tip. Or take a look at the 5 best brush pens for beginners.

For the 101 Brush Strokes worksheets I recommend anything with a bigger brush tip. For example a Tombow dual brush marker. But there's many other options. Look at this recommended list of tools for these specific worksheets.


What paper do you recommend with your worksheets?

If you want to practice right on the printed worksheets I recommend using the HP Premium LaserJet Paper. You can use your regular printer to print them out.


What paper do you recommend I print art printables on?

I really love the Staples Photo Supreme matte photo paper. But if you don’t have that try using any other matte photo paper. Make sure it’s higher quality and usually the same brand as your printer. Makes for best color results.


Do you provide refunds for digital products?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the product, being that I can’t tell how many times you already printed and used it, I can’t issue refunds.


How do I import the files into Procreate?

If downloading on your computer:

1. Download the files from Etsy. The pdf is for printing, and the zip folder contain all the jpgs for easy Procreate importing.

2. Unzip the folder containing the jpg files. On a Mac just double click the zip folder and it should open automatically. I haven't done this on a PC for years, so I don't remember, but I found this.

3. Save the new unzipped folder into a cloud sharing app you use. Could be Air Drop, Dropbox or Google Drive. Just get the folder to be accessible from your iPad.

4. Open Procreate and create a canvas that is 300dpi and 8.5 x 11 inches.

5. Go to your Actions menu (the button that looks like a wrench) and choose insert file.

6. Choose the location where you saved the unzipped folders. 

7. Look for the folders in that location and select the page you want to start practicing on.

All done!

Now every time you want to practice a new stroke just import the next page the same way. You can import multiple files into one canvas.


What is the difference between the 90 days practice sheet vs the 101 practice sheets?

The 90 day ones are best for small brush pens with a small tip. And the 101 are meant for bigger strokes made with a brush or brush marker like Tombow.


Do you offer printed versions of the worksheets?

Unfortunately at this time I only offer digital files.