Easy Peasy Lettering Layouts

Self-Paced | Beginner | 1.1 Hours | 10 Videos

Many people start out thinking that if they just learn some lettering, purchase fancy brush pens, the beautiful pieces will just magically flow out onto the paper.

But it never works like that, so I'm here to help.

Layouts rely mostly on design, not the ability to create the perfect brush strokes.

Doing hundredths of drills and tracing alphabets can only get you so far. The next step is to learn a little bit about design, and how to arrange those pretty letters so that it all makes sense. 

In this course you will learn

3 basic rules of design and how to apply them to lettering

How to create 3 simple layouts from start to finish

What to avoid when creating layouts

Simple, practical steps
to improve your hand
lettered layouts

hand lettering layouts. Practical steps and tips