You are not WORSE, you are DIFFERENT

Tips to a better mindset
for the self-conscious creative

At some point or another (or all the time), we all compare ourselves to others.

We always find that one person that is better than us at something and we either become obsessed with them, copy them or hate them. Or worse yet, hate ourselves.

I have some tips for you to overcome this green-eyed monster and focus on your unique talents rather than comparing them to others.


You are not worse, you are different. Tips for a self-conscious creative @twoeasels


Creatives are the worst critics when it comes to their own art, writing or other work.

We constantly look at other people's work and think we are worse. We get jealous and green with envy instead of simply admiring others. 

The problem is, we live in a different world, we don't have to go to a museum or art gallery to see art, we can simply type in #art in Instagram or Facebook. We can do a simple google search and find anything we want. And what follows? Jealousy. 

Maybe we don't do this all the time, maybe it's only for a brief moment, but even that brief moment is enough to shut us down and begin the doubting process.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Because we have yet to master the art of Self Love. One minute we think we are great and life is all good, and the next we see a new post on Instagram and our creative dreams seem to run away.

So how do we fix it? Here are some tips. (yes I speak from experience)

How to stop the comparison and focus on your unique talents


One | Log off and focus on you

The amount of time we spend on Pinterest or Instagram and other social media platforms is only adding to the problem. Set a time limit for browsing. Don't spend 2 hours straight looking at other people's art, because you are bound to find someone that you think is way better than you. Give yourself 10 minutes tops. 

Two | Unfollow for peace of mind

If you have gotten to the point of finding someone that you think is so much better than you, that you begin to hate them, and doubt yourself. Just hit unfollow. They won't care, they most likely won't even know, and you will be at peace. Why torture yourself every time they post an update? If you don't see it, you won't turn green and angry.

Three | Be inspired - Don't copy

When you admire someone so much, or should I say, are jealous of, you may or may not start to copy their work. It may not be exact replicas ( I hope), but you will try to mimic their style, you may not even know you are doing it. It may be your subconscious that is making you do this, but either way, you should stay away from being a copy cat. 

If that someone is inspiring you to try a different style, feel free, just make sure you don't try to become them.

Four | Focus on the positive compliments you get

I'm sure you have gotten compliments on your art, am I right? Whether that was on a blog post, an Instagram pic or Facebook update. Gather those compliments, and put them somewhere visible. Take screen shots and print them out. Make a little "People Love Me" board that will be easily visible to you when you start to have doubts. 

Five | Make friends

When hating someone isn't making you a better artist (hint: it never will) you should make friends instead. Comment and compliment their art, sign up for their course, be nice and admire, rather than envy. 



Hating someone just because you think they are better than you will never make you a better artist. It will only make you bitter, angry and eventually you will lose that spark you once had. Don't judge yourself, don't criticize your own art, post it to your followers and let them decide, I'm sure there will be some HEARTS.

There are so many unique things about each one of us, we are all better and worse at something, but in the end that's not what should define you.  

When envy strikes, repeat this.
I am not worse, I am different!


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So I urge you to find 3 things about yourself today, that are different, but that make you unique and awesome. 

Think of that one person you are jealous of right now, what do you have to offer that they don't? Comment below with your answers. And hopefully, we can begin the Love Yourself process.