Will I ever get better at lettering?

If you’ve been lettering for a while (more than a couple weeks) and you still have doubts whether you are improving, try my trick at boosting your confidence. It's really simple.

Take a look at your old pieces, whether it’s on your Instagram feed or in your sketchbook. 

Are you totally mortified by them? If you are, it means you got better. Great job!

If they look pretty close to your current pieces, no worries, it just means you need more practice.

And don’t worry that those pieces look bad, they’ll make for a great before and after photo later.

Ok, so hop on over to the video and let me tell you a bit more about this, and share with you some of my embarrassing old pieces.

Try the Instagram scroll when you're feeling a bit envious of other lettering artists as well. Just scroll down their feed until you hit their beginner posts. You'll see just how much they improved too.

If you still need a bit of help in the lettering department, try one of my courses or worksheets