Why you suck at brush calligraphy

Why you suck at brush calligraphy, and how you can get better. #90daysofdrills


Be honest, did you learn the basics before you decided to jump into doing brush calligraphy?

I didn't think so.

Like many beginners, including myself 2 years ago, I became obsessed with lettering. I followed as many letterers as I could, I stalked their Instagram accounts and tried to learn by copying styles I saw.

I bought all the fancy schmancy tools, brush markers, brush pens, brush this and that, and still, my lettering looked like this.


No joke, go scroll through my Instagram and see for yourself.

So what did I do to get better?

I started from scratch and focused on the basics, perfecting strokes and developing all those tiny muscles in my wrist.

Stepping away from the Tombow brush markers and the expensive tools was the best thing I have done. Instead, I practiced with a smaller brush pen.


Join the #90daysofdrills challenge to improve your brush pen strokes & be on your way to better modern calligraphy with @twoeasels


You're a beginner, act like one
I know you want to jump in there and become the best letterer the world has seen, but if you get on that bike before you put the wheels on, you won't get very far.


Every single person you follow and envy was a beginner at one point, they probably sucked just like you do now.

But no worries, I got you covered. 
There are no rules, just practice, fun, and community.


THE  #90DaysOfDrills  WORKSHEETS

In just 90 days you can improve your lettering by simply focusing on the basic stroke. Yes, really! Take a calligraphy class, they will tell you the same thing.

The focus of this challenge is to build muscle memory in your hand and to teach you the basic strokes that build up letters, to really take your modern brush calligraphy to a new level. 

Take the brush calligraphy 90 day Instagram drill challenge #90daysofdrills with @twoeasels #lettering
Join the #90daysofdrills challenge and kiss your bad calligraphy goodbye @twoeasels #lettering
Participate in the 90 day challenge to improve your brush calligraphy and master your strokes. This Instagram drill challenge will train your muscles and inspire you to create more. Hey, it's even better than adult coloring books.
Want to take your brush calligraphy to a new level?
Have you been ogling your Instagram feed, following everyone under the sun, trying to figure out how to get better at modern calligraphy without any success? I know I was there.
You don't need to follow more people
Try this #90DaysOfDrills challenge, that's only 3 months, and watch how your strokes improve every day. This challenge is designed to get you practicing the right way, every day.

Over 800 participants already!

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