Why should I vectorize my lettering?

Why should I vectorize my lettering?

Have you been lettering for a while now? Do you have drawers of lettering pieces at home and don't know what to do with them? I've got your answer right here.

Digitize and vectorize


The first step is to scan all your art because it's safer in the cloud than getting dusty and damaged just floating around your home. My kids love their markers and usually they end up scribbling on my art.

Then, vectorize using Illustrator. And why Illustrator is a whole other topic. Hint: It's more professional, hence why the pros use it.

But why?

Because vectorizing your lettering will give you SOO MANY options of what you can do with your art. From editing to creating products, your lettering will take on a new life.

Baby announcement from vectorized lettering

No longer will your alphabet practice sit in your drawer,
now it can be a font! Yey, extra income!

No longer will your doodles be forgotten,
now they can be part of your blog posts! Blogs rule!

No longer will you stare at that empty notebook cover,
now you can make your own custom one! Or sell it!

Heck, you can finally start making money selling prints, creating logos or even t-shirts!


You can finally take steps to starting that creative letting business you've been dreaming about.

In the last blog post, you learned what vectors were, now I want to show you what you can do with them. These are just a few examples of what I use my vectorized lettering for.



Did you see that? Isn't that awesome?! 

Tell me you weren't impressed at what simple vectorizing can do.

Like I said in the video, Illustrator is always running on my computer, I couldn't imagine not having the ability to do something else with my lettering other than just keeping paper in a drawer. Which is all nice and fun, but not much else you can do with it.


If you want to scale up your business or start one, you need to play like the pros and digitize. 




Find out more about my courses below, and just a quick reminder, the Illustrator one is launching on 8.21.17, that's when the price will go up. So hurry and grab it before the sale ends!

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