What to do when jealousy and comparison get you down

Jealousy and comparison got you down?

Jealous much?

We all suffer from this, whether you are a seasoned artist or beginner, we all have moments of doubt, and with today's Social Media it's even harder because we are surrounded by everyone else doing the same thing we are doing and we just can't get away from our phones. It's an addiction really.

I've been there, deep in the sinkhole of envy, and let me tell you, it took a long time and a good slap in the face to climb out of there. 

When you first pick up a hobby, let's say lettering lol. You do because you see others doing it, and you think, "wow, I'd love to create something that beautiful too".

But then you actually start doing it, and you realize that you're not that great at it.

So you go on sinking in doubt.

Every time you look at someones Instagram posts you think they are better than you, and so you sink even deeper, but instead of stopping it, you just keep going, until you are neck deep in jealousy and doubt.

stop comparison

You get sucked in, and then all you can do is keep looking at art that you think is better than yours.

You probably have one person who you admire, but you also hate because you want to be exactly like they are, do what they do, and be just as good. 

Sound familiar?

I've been there, and this is what I did to get out of my sinkhole.

I unfollowed the person!

Eeeek, I know, scary.

I unfollowed and unsubscribed from all newsletters and anything else that I was a part of, I just had enough.

And you know what? Since doing it, I have never heard the person mentioned by anyone else. I guess I made them out to be this MASTER and NUMBER ONE in the lettering world, but in reality, they are just like me, just doing their thing and posting it online, making money and minding their own business.

But in my ENVY SINKING eyes, they were the shit, and I lost countless nights of sleep and creativity because I was jealous and doubtful that I would never be that good.

So listen up people, there is a magic button on Instagram, Facebook or other platforms, you click it, and you magically stop seeing the persons' posts. Lol. Isn't that amazing?! Hint: It's the unfollow button.

Believe me, it's been a year since I climbed out of my deepest hole, and I kid you not, I was actually curious to see what that person was up to now and guess what? I couldn't even remember their name. It took me a while to finally find them on Instagram, and like magic, I wasn't jealous anymore when I looked at their stuff. And no, I didn't refollow, just in case.

I know it's scary, but as they say,

"Out of sight, out of mind"

And if you have to unfollow 10 people, then unfollow 10 people. I do it automatically now, as soon as I notice a little pang of jealousy, I unfollow, I don't wait to get sucked in again.

Once more thing before you go on unfollowing people, I do this all the time too. 

If you feel like this person is amazing, and their lettering is always perfect, I want you to do this.

Scroll all the way down their Instagram feed, or Facebook. Just keep scrolling until you see posts from way back when they first started out.

A lot of people keep them in their profile, it's a great way to see how far the person has come, and that they too were beginners at some point. Doing this alone might help you see this person in a different light, instead of just admiration and competition.


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