2 Lessons I learned after going back to a day job

For three weeks ONLY! And on day five I’ve had enough!

If you're a creative, and you're stuck at another job all day, I feel your pain. I can "literally" feel the energy being sucked out of me as soon as I step through the door. I hate it so much, I cringe, I scream in my head and count down the minutes I have left in the day. I've had plenty of jobs in my life, including this one, but boy, going from self employed, to this is just torture.

Let me explain, for the next three weeks I’ll be at a day job. It’s the job I quit to start my own business about two years ago. Long story short, they needed someone to come in for three weeks while someone else got to go on vacation, I know, right? But, since my fiancé still works there, he’s the art manager, I agreed to come and help out. 

I figured three weeks was not a big deal, heck, I worked there for 4 years before so a few weeks is easy peasy. Oh boy, was I wrong.

The weeks leading up to it I had plans to finish my courses early, schedule some blog posts and some social media posts. But as it turns out time freaking runs fast. So yeah, nothing got scheduled. That’s why I’m writing this on my lunch break and why I stayed up till 2am this morning working on my own stuff at home. 

2 jobs, 2 kids, too much to do


Let me tell you, the weekend before starting work, ugh, I was so angry. I didn’t want to have to get up in the morning at a specific time, didn’t want to sit in a chair all day, didn’t want to eat at a specific time. It just didn’t sit well with me, I got so used to my own schedule and my own home that being at work most of the day is pure TORTURE

On the plus side, I get to see Sean all day long. (Sean, my fiancé :)

On the plus side, I get to see Sean all day long. (Sean, my fiancé :)

But, I did manage to learn something from this, yes on day three I had already learned a couple life/biz lessons. 

Lessons learned after a week at work


Lesson one: I do not E-V-E-R want to get a day job ever again Why?

  • Because my freedom is taken away. I can’t make any decisions, all I’m allowed to do is what has been set in place years and years ago. I feel like a trained monkey in a cage.
  • Always answering to someone else, if I screw up it’s someone else who yells at me, if I do a good job, no one cares, if I want to take a day off I need to ask. Ugh. And the list goes on and on.
  • Make their business grow while they’re on their 3rd vacation this year.
  • Not use my art skills to their full advantage. 
  • Not get to see my kids during the day. Not that I do every day, I send them to grandmas on days I have a lot of my own work to do, but I get to choose those days.

Lesson two: I need to stay organized more in my own business

  • I need deadlines. As soon as I started working on work orders I snapped into work more, I have deadlines and ship dates and at least 10 jobs at a time I’m working on.

But at home, when working on TwoEasels I can barely manage writing a blog post because I’m too distracted with everything else.

  • I need Work and play times. I need some boundaries at home. It’s so easy to turn the tv on in the background and work, but most of the time that turns the other way around and work gets put aside. I need to set specific times when I just focus on work, not browsing Amazon or Facebook. 
  • Better workspace. I have two workspaces, I have an art studio on the main floor and an office area in the basement.  Often times I wish I had the computer in the art studio, so I can have everything I need in the same space. Will have to think about this.

So that’s what I learned, and that’s mostly based on my own experiences at this and other jobs. But I'm sure you can relate. 

So how will I avoid ever having a day job again? I will work my butt off to make TwoEasels a success. I never ever, want to feel my energy being sucked right out of me again.