What are chalky watercolor paints, and do we care?

Are watercolors something you're interested in?

Maybe you're looking to purchase some paints, or already have a set that you paint with. But is your set any good?

If you're just using them to practice watercolor lettering, it really doesn't matter.

What are chalky watercolors by TwoEasels Artist's Loft pan set vs Prima

In this day and age, I'm sure most of us scan and digitize our art, then sell prints while the original is safe in our homes, or we just throw it out.

So does it really matter if your paint is Professional Grade?

Probably not.

Of course there are differences, in pigment, color, texture and all that good stuff, but for us who just want to letter something colorful, snap a photo and post to our Instagram, even the cheap chalky paint is fine.

Watch the video below to see what a chalky watercolor paint looks like.

And stay on the lookout for my new Watercolor Lettering course coming really really soon.


Got more watercolor questions? Comment below and I'll help you out as best as I can.