Get a watercolor effect using Crayola markers

How to get the watercolor effect using @Crayola markers @twoeasels #lettering

Ever wanted to do some lettering using watercolors but didn't have any on hand? What if all you had was some Crayola markers?

No, I'm not kidding, it's possible. 

As I was working on The Lettering Course and testing out different tools, I stumbled upon this little trick. All I wanted to see was if Crayola markers would react with water, just in case you were to work with watercolor and markers at the same time. As I began to put water on top of the markers I saw something amazing. They blended together, and I got to say it looked pretty awesome. 

Abstract watercolor look using @Crayola markers by @twoeasels

I started to experiment more, I tried different Crayola markers and they all did the same thing. So of course I just had to try it out in my lettering pieces.


Follow the steps below to create your own watercolor/Crayola lettering

How to get the watercolor effect using only Crayola markers @twoeasels

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  • 2 or more Crayola markers.
    I used the little Pip-Squeaks.
  • A small paint brush and water.
    I used a Pentel water brush.
  • Watercolor or multimedia paper.


Pentel water brush My favorite
Watercolor paper 





Sketch out your letters first if you want, then color them in with one color. Since I will be using two colors in this project I only put the pink down on the top half of the letters for now.




Now it's time for the second color. Add it to the bottom of your letters, you don't have to overlap the colors, getting close is enough.





Grab a Brush and water and start mixing. Watch the video below to see how that is done.




Now go and admire your art. You can also experiment with different markers. I found that Tombow brush pens can make the same effect.


Try it out for yourself and let us know how it went. For more lettering videos visit my YouTube channel.

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