Why you NEED a light pad for your lettering

Use a light pad for lettering to get rid of pencil marks

PROBLEM 1: If you've been sketching out your lettering before your apply marker or watercolor to your paper then you know the pain of dealing with pencil marks that show up underneath. And it's nearly impossible to erase without smudging or totally ruining the color that is on top.

PROBLEM 2: You can never get the right layout for your lettering pieces, you letters never fit in the right spots or your spacing is just horrible. Layouts are tricky, and it does take a while to develop the "eye for design" so that you just know where to place things to make them look good. But before that time comes let me help you.



Seriously, this is a life saver, more like paper saver, and it's super helpful for those of you who struggle with lettering layouts. It's also the first thing I recommend you get in my Lettering Layouts class. Unless you want to practice with tracing paper first.

They come in a variety of sizes and charging options, based on brands of course.


The one I'm using is HUION, and so far it's been a total must have for me. I use it all the time, for most of my lettering projects and especially if I'm making an intricate layout.

Checkout the video below for a full demo on how I use it, and how you should be using it as well. Because really, it's awesome. And will save you so much time and frustration, not to mention some paper.

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Buy it here  Huion A3 lightpad

I hope you enjoyed this little demo and review about my light pad. Are you convinced yet? Here's another one just in case you need more convincing ;)



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How to use a lightpad for lettering to improve your layouts and letters