TwoEasels Procreate brush for beginners

TwoEasels procreate brush for beginners

Ever since I got my iPad last year I've been on the hunt for the perfect Procreate brush for my needs. I purchased a few and downloaded some free ones, but none were PERFECT for me.

So off I went and started creating my own brush, it was a little difficult at first, but with so many settings I didn't know what each one did or how it really affected the look of the brush.

But luckily Procreate has a great manual and I was able to figure out what each setting did. After a few hours of playing around with settings and testing it out. I had my very own brush. PERFECT for my needs!


I also used this brush to create these NEW worksheets so it will be a perfect match, 


1. Download the brush

2. Put the brush in a cloud sharing app like Dropbox or download it using your iPad. Just make sure it's accessible on your iPad.

3. Locate the file on your iPad. If you get the message that says "No Preview Available" it's OK.

4. Click the three little dots in the top right corner, or if you see "Export" click on it.

5. Select "Open In"

6. Select "Procreate"

7. Then open Procreate and go to the brush menu.

8. At the bottom you will see "Imported" folder, that's where the new brush is saved. Select and enjoy.


Grab the Procreate Brush here!

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I hope you enjoy this brush! Tag me in your Instagram posts @toweasels with your creations.