The Lettering Course: Is it right for me?

Is the lettering course right for me?


The Lettering Course
has launched! 

And you're probably debating whether it's something you really need.

I get it, I've been there.

Keeping a course in a shopping cart for weeks before I finally decided to just go for it.

There are plenty of free videos and info online that you can search for and learn on your own. After all, most of my lettering learning came from trial and error, but I did take a couple courses in the beginning just to get started and learn the basics, and of course for the challenges.

Nothing beats a challenge when you're trying to practice.

Yes, my course has a challenge too.

So here are the top two reasons people hesitate to buy.

1) I can just google some lettering videos and get the info for free.

Yes, you can totally do that. I did that myself a lot, it took a long time, lots of googling, and lots of wasted time spinning in circles not knowing what tools to use and where to start. Even giving up lettering all together because I was too frustrated. 

I didn't have a plan, and I didn't have any idea how to properly practice. I just winged it, and fell on my face.

Then I decided to spend some money on courses, learn the basics, learn the tricks, and then apply them to my own lettering.


2) I don't want to spend the money now, I'll wait a couple months.

Here's the thing guys, I am constantly adding things to the course, little videos here and there just to keep up with the current trend.

Next lesson to be added is on basic iPad lettering.

If you wait too long, you'll be met with a price increase in the future. So buy now, and lock yourself in for life. 

I wanted to create something for you, to save your pretty face


I know what it's like to practice alone without any support, heck, my family probably thought I was pretty crazy posting ugly lettering pieces on my Facebook, but I didn't know where else to show it. I didn't know that 90% of my friends didn't care. I didn't have a support system.

But with this course you do. You can join the free Facebook group now, talk to people who have taken the course, ask for feedback, share tips and tricks. Everything in one place. And I'm in there daily, checking posts and making sure you get the best help.

Get the support, help and make friends.


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Also, Instagram, who else goes bananas over awesome lettering posts?

I sure do. And I know you may be shy to show your beginner lettering pieces. But please do, you'll see, a few months from now, you can scroll back through your account and see all the improvement you did.

Heck go ahead and scroll through mine, see where I started.



So what do you say?

want to learn lettering?