Small Brush Pen Beginner Worksheets


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small brush pen beginner practice lettering worksheets

These are PERFECT for beginners, or those of you who just enjoy tracing letters. I hear it's great for relaxing too.

Each page is dedicated to one stroke, letter, or number so that you get maximum practice with each one. Those wrist muscles need to develop over time, and with repetition, you will see progress. 

brush lettering practice sheets

If you're familiar with The 90 Days Of Drills Challenge than you can see that these worksheets are very similar. I almost, almost, got rid of the 90DOD but then I thought, what if people like both, or some like that one over this one. So I just left it alone. This is not replacing the current 90DOD. Instead, think of it as option 2.

As a beginner you might be struggling with the bigger brushes, and this is where these worksheets come in. They are specifically designed to work with small brush pens, like the ones listed below. 

The smaller and firmer brushes give you more control, and when you're ready for something bigger and more flexible I've got you covered too with my 101 Brush Strokes worksheets.

So grab your worksheets and start learning those simple strokes that make up the whole letter, which then is used for pretty words and beautiful art.



What tools do I need?

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These worksheets are designed to work best with small brush pens. You can try bigger ones like the Tombow dual brush marker or a Crayola marker, but it may be difficult for some letters as the tips are too big.

Here is a list of the recommended brush pens.

Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen.
Pentel sign pen, flexible tip.
Pilot Fude brush pen.


When working with brush pens it is SUPER important that you print these worksheets
on very smooth paper. Because regular printer paper is a little too rough, your brush pen
tips will get ruined, dried out and frayed. 

Here is a list of smooth paper you can use to print on or lay on top of prints and trace over.

HP Premium Printer Paper. (Premium32)
Rhodia pad. You can get these in blank, lined, grid or dot grid.
Tracing paper.



You're in luck, I use a custom built brush for my lettering and it's the same one I used to create these worksheets. And guess what?

You can get it here. Free!

TwoEasels Procreate brush for beginners.