Freebie: September wallpapers

I still can't believe it's already September, the air is colder in the morning and my daughter started pre-k. Man, I'm getting old.

Free September wallpaper by @TwoEasels


Sometimes in life, we find that little spark of joy, and sometimes we let that spark die. This month I want to inspire you to give that spark a little air, a little space to grow, heck, give it some kindling and make a giant fire.

Find that spark in life and make a big fire!


Don't let your passions go un-nurtured. Pick up that brush, that pen, that canvas, or go run that marathon. What ever makes your heart sing. Go out and do it. Little steps at a time.


September free wallpaper by TwoEasels

Grab your download below:
September 2017 Wallpaper