Say Hi to Midnight Moon - A new font!


This month has been a big one, and I am celebrating with some wine. But, let’s be honest. I don’t need a celebration to grab some wine.

My brand new font is live and ready for awesome designers like you to use and play around with.

Back in June I decided to bite the bullet, spend the big bucks and finally learn how to properly and professionally make fonts. I made one a few months ago but without guidance, it just wasn’t working right. I thought I did it correctly, but boy was I wrong. (I’m currently fixing it up).

Sometimes it really does make sense to pay to learn. I could have easily looked for free tutorials, read all the posts on the Glyphs app and how to use it, and all about fonts and font making and all that good stuff.

It would have taken me months.


I have a business to run, courses of my own to make, and take care of 3 little ones as a “work-from-home” mom.

I don’t regret spending money to learn something quickly, correctly and with a support group to answer any questions. This is the course I took.

So here it is. Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon Font - hand lettered by TwoEasels fun and cute typeface

I decided to call it MOON because of my son. He is a curious 3 year old with a love for looking at the moon before going to bed. So as I was coming up with a name for the font I naturally thought of him.

And then I had to create all the moon and stars symbols. Because what kind of moon font would it be if it didn’t come with it’s own galaxy.

95 hand drawn symbols with font Midnight Moon, galaxy and stars graphics

The font features many ligatures and alternate characters for the authentic hand drawn look. And a little bit of imperfection never hurt either. I wanted it to look a little messy, fun, cute and of course handmade.

font fun ligatures with midnight moon typeface

Being that I am from Europe, I just had to make this font multilingual. It supports A LOT of languages (see photo below) because I wanted to cover most of Europe.

paid font. character list and multilingual support for Midnight Moon font by

I hope you enjoy this font, and show me all the pretty things you design with it.

For now you can only grab it on Creative Market in a variety of licenses. It comes in OTF the proffered format so that you can take advantage of all the ligatures and fun alternatives, TTF and WEB format.

It’s main purpose is to help designers create beautiful products and designs that they can be proud of. And I can squeal over.

The preferred software is Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop. This font wasn’t thoroughly tested in Microsoft Word.