Rules of Creativity

Over the years I have heard my share of people's opinions on art and what art is and even what the "right" way to do art should be.

Is there a right way to do art? Who is there to tell you that your creativity is wrong? Let me tell you the real rules |

There are no rules people!

As an artist I never even considered the idea that there may be rules out there when it comes to art. Because I don't think there are rules. Sure, I went to art school and was taught different methods and concepts, but I was never told to do things a specific way. I was simply taught facts.

I was never taught how to hold a pencil or a brush, instead, I was taught that yellow and blue make green, that oil paint takes longer to dry or the fact that a 6B pencil is softer and darker than a 6H pencil. 

The way you hold you brush, or mix your colors is still up to you, otherwise creativity wouldn't be creative, everyone would be doing everything the same way. What's the fun in that?

Do you think Picasso followed any rules? I highly doubt it, and because he went his own route and painted noses where ears should be, he managed to start a whole art movement. Ever heard of cubism? Yup, that was him.

He has influenced thousands of artists all over the world because he did things differently.

Now, you may not like his style of art, you may prefer something more realistic, but that doesn't mean he did it wrong.

It's the result that matters not the process. This is not math class, you don't have to show that you did the work correctly, all you're looking for in art is the final answer and whether or not you are happy with it.

Don't let haters bring you down

Before posting your art online be prepared because there will be people who will say mean things about it. I have my art posted in many places all over the internet, but I didn't get any hate comments until I posted on YouTube.

It seems that people who have no interest in art watch art videos on YouTube just for the purpose to leave mean comments. I don't get it.

When it happens to you, just let it go, there is no point in arguing and all you will get out of it is frustration. I tried arguing with this person that there are no rules on how I should hold my pen. Which, according to him I was doing wrong. All it led to was anger and me blocking him. 

What I learned from that experience is to only believe in myself. You can take all the courses and classes in the world, but no matter what you learn, you will always create in your own way. 


These are the rules creatives should follow

1. Trust in yourself

Don't let fear of judgment stop you from pursuing your creativity. There will be people who will judge you, and won't like your art, but you can't let that stop you. You need to learn to trust in yourself and what your passion is. Just because one person hates your painting doesn't mean that it is actually bad. As long as you gave it your all and poured your heart into it and you love it. That's all that matters.

2. Practice

Practice won't make you perfect, as an artist you will always be your worst judge. But practicing your art will help you discover new mediums, tools and ideas. The best way to practice is to carry a little sketchbook with you. It easy to quickly sketch an idea that pops into your head at random times. Or practice drawing those hands, we all know how tough those are. 

3. Embrace your uniqueness

Stop comparing yourself to other artists. This is the number one mistake most creatives make. We go to places like Pinterest and Instagram and look at other peoples art, and what happens next? We get jealous, discouraged and green with envy. We may even try to recreate what we see others doing, and that of course never turns out well. We compare our art with someone else and feel like failures. 

The number one rule I have for creatives is to embrace your uniqueness. Yes, you are different. That does not mean that you are worse, it just means you're you. Embrace it, if people like your art, they like it because it's different. If it was the same as every other art piece it wouldn't be interesting. 

Stay creative my friends. And don't let other bring you down.