Ruined your Tombow? What to do with that UGLY tip

Ruined your Tombow pen? what to do with that ugly tip


I’ve ruined my fair share of brush pens over the years, either because I didn’t know that watercolor paper was a NO NO when using felt tip pens, or my toddler decided to have fun smashing the tip. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry.


I love textured letters and usually have to use a bristle brush to get this effect.  Because who in their right mind would purposely ruin a perfectly good Tombow brush pen?

But, if you already have a bad brush, don’t throw it out!

Do this instead!

Grab some ink or liquid watercolor. Dip and letter.

It’s that simple. 

Grab ink and dip your ruined tip. Then letter with some awesome texture

Now you can use any paper you want. Since you can’t ruin it any more than it already is. And just start lettering. 

The more frayed the tip is the better texture you’ll get. I’m using a watercolor paper for added texture effect.

So next time you see one of your brush pens beginning to frey. Don’t get upset, instead find beauty in that ugly tip.

So tell me in the comments Do you like grungy and textured letters or are you more into the smooth lines?

OK, Let me just show you