I have wanted a set of these brushes for such a long time but I never bought them, I don't know why, I spend money on everything but for some reason $13 was too much. I don't know, but I finally told myself enough is enough and ordered a 3 brush set. I started doing the Sketch-a-day challenge, and I have a little moleskine watercolor sketchbook, so I thought this would be a great easy way to fill it on the go.

Pentel Water Brush

The package came, I ripped it open, filled the little brush with water and went to work, and I love them.

The nylon brush tips feel sturdy yet flexible, they hold water pretty well and come in 3 different sizes, all round. All you have to do is fill the little reservoir with water, or premixed color and screw on the brush tip. Perfect for on the go artists. I can totally see myself sitting in a coffee shop somewhere and sketching with these.

It's so easy to just squeeze the brush a little and go straight to the paint. Now of course you can't really use these for large washes, and sometimes when I pressed too hard I got a little much water. But I think I just have to play around with them more and find the perfect pressure to work with.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Durable nylon brush tip holds its point
  • 3 sizes to choose from

Oh and I love them.... go find out for yourself.

Or if you have them already what do you think? Is there anything else better out there than the Pentel Water Brush? For now I don't think so.

Get yours now and go have fun.

This set is my favorite, gives you all 3 sizes perfect for lettering and illustration. (Affiliate link).