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Oh October, how spooky are you. Do you connect October with Halloween or with Fall? For me it's Halloween first, then fall. But this month I want to talk to you about mistakes, and how WE ALL MAKE THEM!

I was super excited to find this podcast "How To Fail" by Caroline and Kelly. It was suggested by Kiley and I immediately listened to all the episodes. 

And I LOVED it soooo much! 

It's all about failing and making mistakes, and guess what else? Moving on and not quitting. So go listen to it, you are not alone and you will learn tons from it.

Free October wallpaper by @TwoEasels Veronica Zubek Freebie desktop iphone and ipad wallpapers


Sometimes we make mistakes, especially if we are starting a small business, heck, maybe you're just starting a blog and you feel like you're already failing. Don't get discouraged, we all make mistakes, it's how we grow and learn. 

Mistakes are necessary
for growth!


Don't let one mistake ruin your whole day or week, when you make that mistake, own up to it, face it, and move on. There is no going back, so what's the point of beating yourself up about it. 

A good way to overcome that stress and regret that comes after we realize we made a mistake is to look on the brighter side.

You know, the half of the glass that is still full? I know it's hard, but believe me you will feel better. 

First step is to try and correct your mistake, if you can. Then learn from it. Make a list of things that you did wrong so that you don't make them again. 

And if you need a reminder that you are human and make mistakes, good or bad, here is a wallpaper that will do it for you all month long.

Comment below with your mistake stories.


October free wallpaper by TwoEasels for desktop ipad and iphone

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