Just in! New worksheets just hit the digital shelves!

New brush lettering Fun worksheets are now available at my Etsy shop.

Whether you want to just relax, escape from reality or pursue your dream to become the next best lettering artist. You gotta start somewhere.

Why not here!

These are fun and perfect for all brush sizes. Yes, even the small brushes. Because why not. So what if your lines look a bit smaller. No biggie.

water brush lettering on new worksheets for beginners
Using a Tombow dual brush pen on new Fun Time lettering worksheets

So head on over to my Etsy shop and grab them for yourself.

Here’s a little guide ;)

  1. Get worksheets

  2. Practice

  3. Snap a photo

  4. Post to Instagram and tag @twoeasels #twoeaselspracticesheets

  5. Get encouragement! YEY!

And if you need help importing these into your iPad follow the directions in this post.

Oh wait!

Here’s a little video for your viewing pleasure…