How to move your letters in Photoshop

How to move your hand lettered letters or words in Photoshop

Even run out of room on a sheet of paper?

Got your spacing totally wrong?

Or maybe you just need to move some splatters around.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you just want to grab a letter or a whole word, and move it to another place. Well, I'll show you just how easy it is to do in Photoshop.

Or you can just grab more paper and redo the whole thing all over again.

No, you don't feel like it? Ok, grab a picture or scan of your hand lettering that needs a fix and follow this video.

This is truly a life saver, being able to digitize your hand lettering is one thing, but being able to move things around, manipulate them, change colors, fix mistakes, it's all possible in Photoshop. So don't wait, watch this video, and it you want to lean more check out my Photoshop course.


I start this video off with a nice clean background, want to know how I did that? Visit this post.