How to do faux calligraphy in 3 easy steps

Need to create a calligraphy look but don't have the right tool?

You can totally fake it, I'm serious. Have you ever heard of Faux Calligraphy? I'm sure you have, it's a fancy way of saying Fake Calligraphy.


How to do Faux Calligraphy in 3 easy steps by Veronica @twoeasels


Faux calligraphy can be used to create a calligraphy look with any writing tool, you can use chalk, marker, pen, pencil, crayon, or anything else you want to use to create your lettering piece.

In just three easy steps you can do it too.


Steps to Faux Calligraphy by @twoeasels

Faux Calligraphy in three steps

Step 1: Write your word
Grab your tool and write down your word, make sure you don't put your letters too close together, remember we will be making them thicker and you will need some extra space for that.

Step 2: Add a second line on both sides of your downstrokes. 

Step 3: Now color in the space between the lines. 

That's it, you're done!


Still a little confused on the downstrokes? Just remember this, every time your hand moves down, or toward you, that is a downstroke. That's the one you need to make thicker.


Calligraphy downstrokes

Little tip to remember when doing fake calligraphy. Try not to start your downstroke too soon. Meaning, if you start it at the top of a loop it will look weird and not correct. Wait till your hand actually starts moving down and then slowly add that second line, making sure it blends smoothly out of and back into the original line.


Tip on faux calligraphy


Faux calligraphy is perfect when making wood signs or chalk lettering, also when sketching out ideas for lettering projects with a simple pencil.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, now go out there and make something pretty.