How I quickly edit Instagram posts in Photoshop

Instagram is one of, if THE ONE, platform where people share their lettering A LOT. It's an image based social media, so the photo is the first thing people see. And when you're trying to build up your followers, your photos better be awesome. 

Now we all struggle with this, I sure did as well. Just take a look at my first few weeks of posting.



My old Instagram and how crappy it looked

Pretty drab right? Not only does my lettering suck, my pictures are dark and uninviting. Over time I realized that the pictures that got more attention were bright and colorful. And didn't include my my dark desk in them. Being a Photoshop user for years I figured out a system of quickly editing my photos, that I take with my phone, and uploading the edited version back to Instagram.

It adds a few minutes to my process but it's so worth it in the end. Just take a look below at how my current Instagram feed looks like. Lots of white space and color.


Now that may not be the case for everyone, not everyone needs photos that are bright and colorful, maybe color is not your thing. But make sure that the photos you do post are nice and crisp. Lighting is everything, but when lighting fails and your desk is a mess photoshop is there to the rescue.


Below you will find my quick video on how I do my quick editing. Have fun watching and I hope you learn something new. If you have any more questions about this process please comment below or below the video in YouTube. Thanks.

Photoshop video tutorial. Lean how to quickly edit you photos of your lettering so that you can post them to Instagram and have your feed looking great. This takes about 5 mintues but makes a huge difference. Hand lettering, lettering, brush lettering, photoshop.