Create abstract art with your kids + Photoshop Brushes


As you may recall from Mondays newsletter, this is Creative week. I'm co-hosting a creative challenge on Instagram #CreateShare2015. The main idea is that you share your creative skills and discover what other people are doing as well. It's a good way to challenge yourself to get into your creative side for seven days. Find out more, or go straight to it.

Create beautiful abstract art with your kids @twoeasels #creative @art

I have to say, art is my favorite thing in the world right now. And painting has really become something I enjoy, even though I never liked it before or knew how to paint in the first place. I used to draw a lot because I liked that I could get very detailed in it. But with painting, I discovered that I don't know how to be detailed. I never took painting classes or had proper training. I just picked up the brush one day and started painting. Ok, sure I had art training, duh, I went to art school, but I never took a painting class. So the knowledge was there, just no practice. After finishing art school I barely touched any of my supplies, all I did was design. I forgot how much I like to get down and dirty with physical art pieces. 

Meeting Sean a few years after graduating was really what changed it all. He is a painter, and when I saw how much he loved it, I decided to give it a try. And that's when it all began. 

And now we got a little one that loves it just as much.

include your kids

I always close the door to the studio when I'm painting, because Evelyn really likes to run around knocking paints and brushes over. Which can get pretty annoying, but then I thought about it, all she wants is to be with me, to do what I do. She just wants to be included.

I decided that we should have a collaboration project. Something that we would both enjoy and she can really participate. 

And just look at all that joy. She absolutely loved it, she had fun I had fun (ok, it was a little stressful not being able to have full control) and now we have something to show for it.

Your kids just want to have fun with you. Include them, whether it's cooking, baking, gardening or art. They will remember baking the cake, not eating it. They will have fun memories, and they will only love you more, so why not give them something to be happy about. 


If your kids are small and still don't understand that paints are messy, it's kind of up to you to prepare for the worst. I was originally going to paint with her in our studio. But then I realized that there are way too many things I don't want paint splats on. So we moved to the garage.

If you don't have a garage, you could use a lot of newspaper or other coverings to protect furniture and the floor. 

Buy some fun colors of paint, get some cheap brushes and a canvas. We went pretty big, buy you can choose whatever you want. 

Have some water and paper towels ready and get to work. Don't even plan it. Because the kids don't know your plan, and they like to have freedom. So just dip your brush and get started. 

I do suggest painting the background a nice color first. Just so it gives it a nice base to work on and a pop of color. 

Give the little one a brush and stand back. Don't be too judgemental and controlling, they might just get annoyed and give up the whole project. Remember this is abstract. It can be whatever you want, and if mistakes happen, no one will notice.

So I challenge you, not only to be more creative but to be more creative with your loved ones. Because they are the ones that count.

But wait, there's more!

Because I was in the spirit of painting, I made you guys some of your very own Photoshop paint brushes. Just in case you want to put a splat of paint somewhere in your graphics.

How do you stay creative? What creative projects do you do with your kids?