Brush lettering with Crayola markers

Learn brush lettering with Crayola markers TwoEasels

Hand lettering is awesome, and yes, the best tools are brush markers or brushes. But, if you are just starting out or on a budget no worries, Crayola markers can go really far when it comes to lettering. 

You can find a good amount of markers for a cheaper price and they usually come in A LOT of colors. Which if you're a freak like me, is a super exciting thing lol.

how to do Crayola lettering video TwoEasles

You can use them for

  • Coloring in your outlined letters
  • Brush lettering
  • Outlines
  • Drop shadows
  • Mono lettering

Today I want to show you how you can achieve that brush lettering look with these simple markers, or really any other basic marker you have laying around.


But remember, this will take practice just like any other tool you want to master. So don't get discouraged when you can't get your letters to look right. 

Watch the video below, grab some markers and start practicing.

Learn how to do brush lettering with Crayola marker

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