The #1 thing you need to know before using brush pens

Did you know I HATED Tombow brush pens when I first started using them?

My reasons were totally my fault. I used them on sketch paper, regular copy paper and even watercolor paper 😬😱


I had no idea, so I ended up with a messed up tip (I only had one black Tombow) that didn’t make nice thin lines.


That was it. I hated them and didn’t want to use them. I didn’t get what they hype was.


Fast forward a couple years and I use them all the time, especially for worksheets.
I now know to use specific paper for these babies. They need super duper ultra smooth paper.

I was curiously looking through some reviews about them on Amazon and saw so many people dissatisfied for the same reason. But they just don’t know any better.

So if you’re using these or rough paper, STOP right now and watch this video first.

Here are all the links to the products I mentioned in the video.

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HP Premium32 paper

Rhodia pad dotted

Canson Marker Paper

Tracing Paper

Canson Lettering pad (thick paper)

Strathmore Bristol pad

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