Baby countdown begins

how I'm preparing my business for baby

I've got about a month left till this babies' due date!

But since both my previous kids were a little early, I'm thinking it's more like 2-3 weeks.

Which is not much at all, and I can't wait to meet this little boy or girl? I'm definitely beginning the nesting phase of my pregnancy and just getting all the things ready is the only thing on my mind right now. That, and of course listening to endless birth podcasts. I'm mentally preparing for that part as well because it is a challenge.


So how am I gonna handle TwoEasels when the baby comes?

I’m lucky enough to set my own hours, set my own work days and give myself maternity leave. But it's not all fun when you realize that I'll be gone for 3 months!

Having my own business gives me lots of flexibility but along with the plusses, come the minuses.

Who will run my business? I don't have a team to help with emails and other things that come up on a daily basis. I've looked into tips for what to do and how to set up my own business to kind of run on its own while I'm busy bonding with baby.

Here is what I've been working on to help me through those 3 months off.



If you're reading this then I'm done with this part. It's basically this, just letting everyone know that I'll be gone for a certain period of time and that their questions may or may not be answered right away. Or if they come to my blog and notice that I've been absent for a while. This will fill them in. I didn't disappear forever. Just for a little while.



Last day: June 11th

Return day:  September 10th

Along with announcing that I'll be gone for a while, I have to set some dates. It's important for me to stick to the leave date especially so that I can easily just let the work go and focus on me and the baby. And of course, my other two kids who I still have to look after.

This way I'm not tempted to work, because everyone will be aware that I am off the clock.



This is the part that I've failed at a little. I have some blog post ready and scheduled to release while I'm curled up on the couch with a newborn, but I don't have as many as I set out to have when I planned all this.

I started out with a long list of blog posts I wanted to pre-record and pre-write, and most didn't make it because I'm running out of steam and really need sleep. And now I'm just tooo tired to do them. So you'll only get a few posts while I'm gone.

Which is still better than nothing. And of course the brand new updated 90DaysOfDrills 2.0 (name still under consideration)


Like I said, I don't have hired staff to rifle thought my email every day and answer questions from students. I mostly get messages on Etsy from potential buyers or ones that already purchased some worksheets and have some questions or issues with the files. Same goes for my courses. Someone always has questions, and who will be there to answer? Me. 

Well, the first thing I did was create an auto response when someone emails me while I'm on my leave, but I also created an FAQ page on my site that I'll direct people to so they can hopefully find their answer there. And if not, they can email me again, and then I'll look into their questions.



Sometimes things don't go as planned, so I need to keep in mind that this baby might come next week and not in 28 days. Or business problems my force me to hop on the computer a couple of times while on maternity leave.

The point is to be flexible and go with the flow. If the baby is perfectly content with sleeping for 5 hours at a time and I feel like blogging, I'll do it. 

The idea is to work when I feel like it, not because I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to.



I love what I do, so of course my brain can't totally shut off my creative side, and I fully expect to be thinking about the next worksheets, courses and posts to make for you guys. So I'll set some goals ahead of time so that I can stay on course.

First thing I want to tackle when I come back is to update my website a bit. Some things need to change a little but that can wait for now.

The next thing I need to do is update The Lettering Course. It's been on the to-do list forever, and I think after a nice break I'll be able to finally tackle it.

The final thing I can't wait to do when I get back is to finally create a course or short class around the MyLetterStudy I did last year. I loved it, people loved it and it's coming back in some form in a few months.



So there you go, those are my plans as of now. Things may change here and there but you can expect me to be mostly gone for those 3 months. If you wish to follow my mom journey and see stories of cute baby, you can do so on my Instagram @Veroincazubek.

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