The #90DaysOfDrills FREE Challenge

No more shaky lines
No more thick upstrokes
No more uneven looking letters
No more doubts

Take your brush calligraphy to a new level with this 90-day challenge.


Improve your brush pen calligraphy with this #90daysofdrills challenge by @twoeasels


This FREE 90-day challenge is perfect for those who want to improve their modern brush calligraphy, gain confidence and be on their way to achieving those lettering dreams.

The challenge will run for a period of 90 days, starting the day you sign up. I felt that 30-day challenges sometimes weren't enough, and a whole year challenge is just too much.

veronica 90days-3.jpg


The 90 days will consist of 4 sections

1.   28 days of drills

2.    26 days of uppercase letters

3.    26 days of lowercase letters

4.    10 days of numbers

This way, at the end of the challenge, not only do you learn drills, you also learn to write out the whole alphabet.


1. Sign up here! Yes this will sign you up for my newsletter as well.
2. You should get an email right away, that's where you confirm your subscription and prove you are human (bots don't really belong in this challenge)
3. You will get your welcome email soon after that. This email will contain the info you need to get started and a quick video intro and Day 1-7 of the challenge worksheets.


SUPPLIES (affiliate links below)
You don't need many supplies. Some tracing paper and a brush pen are all you need. And of course, a way to print your worksheets. Find out more about brush pens here if you don't have one yet.

When you first sign up for the challenge you will get a video showing you tips and different tools you may want to get. You will also get the first 7 days of drills on your first day. So every week after that you will get a pdf of 7 days of worksheets for that week. You will not be getting an email from me every day. That would be too much for 90 days, don't you think?


Want to work at your own pace? You can purchase all 90 worksheets now, no need to wait for a weekly email.


Although if you tend to print things and then forget about them then I'd suggest signing up for the weekly emails, but if you want to really work at your own pace just grab the full $5 pack now.


Step 1: Print out the worksheets, either at home or take a quick trip to your local office supply store. Since you get all the 7 days in one email it's easier to make that trip only once a week. 

Step 2: You can practice straight on your printout, but if you want to practice more and don't want to keep printing all you have to do is get yourself some tracing paper, lay it on top of the printout, write #90daysofdrills and the day number on top, so you can keep track of your progress, and do your drills on the tracing paper.

Step 3: Do your drills every day, yes every day. You won't get any better if you don't practice. So do them as much as you can until you are satisfied and can see improvement. 

Step 4: Post your progress and drills to Instagram using #90daysofdrills. Also please tag me @twoeasels so others can join as well.

The grid size on the worksheets is a line every .5cm.