6 Ways to motivate your creativity when working from home

6 ways to motivate your creativity when working from home @twoeasels

Working from home is fun, you get to choose your hours, your clients and you can work in your pj's all day, but sometimes you find yourself unmotivated, bored or just plain lazy.

I found that creating a comfy yet energetic and inspiring space is the key to my motivation.

As artists or creative business owners, we do have the advantage of having a fun job, something that is special to us, but there are times when we need a little push to get things done. 

For me, it was the workspace I was in all day.
It's not that it was a bad space, it was bright and white but there was nothing artsy or creative about it. There was no art on walls, no books around and nothing fun. Just art supplies, table and an easel.

It needed some sprucing up, and over the last year, I finally got it the way I want it.

Here are some things I found helpful to spice up my workspace and give it life. Because when my workspace is full of life and fun energy, it gives me energy and I actually want to be there.

1 | Turn on loud music and dance first

This works best when I’m home alone, I put on my country or rock music and jump around for a couple minutes. This gets my heart pumping and gets me in a happy mood.


2 | Let the fresh air in

Of course, this works best when it’s not freezing outside. Opening up windows, blinds and doors will make you feel more awake, especially now in the Spring, the birds chirping, people mowing grass, the scent of Summer on the way, just the daily noises of the neighborhood might be just what you need.


3 | Prepare the night before

If you plan on painting the next day, or doing something that requires you to set up art supplies and tools, the best way to get started in the morning is to have most of it ready and waiting for you. The day before you start your project, setup all your paints, brushes, even pour water into your jars, put a new canvas on the easel or paper on a table. Just prepare enough so that you don’t feel lazy in the morning. Sometimes the setup takes longer than the little piece itself.


4 | Make your space colorful, bright and fun

No one likes to work in the dungeon, ok maybe some people do. But, if you’re anything like me, you need bright colorful rooms to keep you awake. Add some knickknacks and other cute colorful items to make the space more inviting and warm.

Bare walls are boring, add some art prints.

Also putting up fun posters, books, cutouts and art will make your space come alive. Try some motivational art prints to help inspire you.

Here is a free download just for your space.
There is more where this came from. Printable shop opening on June 16th.


5 | Plant some fresh air

Adding a little greenery will also add some life to your space, go for leafy plants that are good for cleaning the air of impurities.


6 | Put your own art on the wall

What better way to remind yourself that you are awesome, than being able to see some of your great art all around you. Make some prints of your art, or use originals, put them in pretty frames on shelves or hang on walls. This way when you feel discouraged, you can see your best work as a reminder of your greatness.

A small view into the art studio, I hung painting on walls and added more to the top shelf. I also put my supplies in cups that I plan to paint with funky colors.

Now that you know what works for me, go and try it out for yourself. Sometimes adding one motivational thing to a room can make a big difference.

Comment below and tell us what motivates you to get creative?