4 Favorite iPad Pro accessories for creatives


I love me some Apple products, I have quite a few, so of course I was very intrigued when the pro came out with the Apple pencil, but of course it comes at a hefty price. And the first year I just could’t justify spending that much money on “a toy”.

Little did I know, this thing turned into my business MUST HAVE.

Having little kids means I can’t be on my desktop all day getting work done, so I needed a solution. Either a laptop or a tablet that would allow me to move around the house, watch the kids, or work outside while they play in the sandbox or pool.

After some research and pro’s and con’s lists I decided that the iPad was the lucky winner.

In 2017 they released an upgraded Pro and I ordered it the second their website allowed me to, haha.

From there I went on a search for accessories.

Here are my 4 must have accessories if you are an artist that will be using your iPad for work.

Get the products mentioned in the video
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Apple Pencil magnetic grip holder Buy here

Matte screen protector Buy here

Plastic Clear case Buy here

Pencil cap holder and nib protector Buy here

Apple keyboard Buy here

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on these accessories. If you have any other video requests please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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