3 Lettering books I love

I am a big book fan, I have about 1,000 books in my living/library room and yes most of them are fiction, but there are also some awesome art books on those shelves. Most of them about design and lettering.

I want to share with you my favorite lettering books with you. These help me when I'm low on ideas, inspiration and drive to do any lettering. 

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Lettering and Type

The first book is great for beginners, it covers the basic and more advanced rules of typography. It provides lessons on different fonts, styles and design examples. This book is more centered for designers, but any lettering artist will appreciate the beauty of type.


Hand Job

Aside from the funny name of this next book, it is my favorites when it comes to fun and rule free lettering. Lettering is not the same as calligraphy, you don't have to follow any rules, just have fun. This book has a lot of examples of all kinds of lettering without any rules.


Lettering and Alphabets

Need some practice drawing letters? This is the book for you, all this book has are pages full of alphabets in different fonts. You can use tracing paper on top and trace letters, get to know them, learn how to draw certain styles, then go back and tweak them to make them unique to your style. 


Of course there are many more lettering books I love, and not to worry I will share my list with you in the future. But check these books out if you're looking for inspiration and a little typographical guidance.

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