2018 The Year Of Watercolors

2018 watercolor lettering challenge #2018techallenge

Let's kick off the new year with a new challenge.

Instead of setting another resolution that we most likely won't follow through with, let's just focus on what we already love. Lettering! Oh, and of course watercolors!

Yes, this year I'll be doing things a bit differently in the challenge department. Last year I had a theme for each month and specific words or phrases that everyone had to letter. But I came to a conclusion that there are literally hundredths of challenges just like it. So why not change things up a bit?

Instead of focusing on just daily words, this year, you will master one giant skill set. And that will be...

watercolor brush lettering

You will learn everything from forming letters, color blending, floral illustration and more. And how will you be learning this? By practicing of course.

There will be monthly themes, but no specific words to letter, that will be up to you. Instead, the theme will focus on an area of watercolor lettering you need to work on.

For instance, February will be all about watercolor washes. How you approach that will be up to you, you can do a wash and then letter with ink on top, or you can do one giant letter and do a wash on the inside.

The point will be to focus a whole month on developing certain techniques, before moving on to the next one.

Slow and steady wins the race right?

Of course, you don't HAVE TO commit to the whole 12 months. You can also switch tools if you like, but if you're like me, and desperately want to master watercolors, this may just be something you should look into doing. 

Each month there will be worksheets, videos or other guides to help you along. January already has some cool brush lettering worksheets for you. With more to come later.

So, let's get started. Click below to see the current month.