2018 Watercolor Lettering challenge by @twoeasels #2018techallenge brush lettering

How about in 2018 we just focus on what we already love. Lettering! Oh, and of course watercolors!

And the best part, it's completely free.


Instead of focusing on just daily words and prompts, like my previous challenges and many out there, this year, you will master one giant skill set. And that will be...

watercolors + brush lettering

watercolor brush lettering


You will learn everything from forming letters, color blending, floral illustration and more. And how will you be learning this? By practicing of course.

There will be monthly themes, but no specific words to letter, that will be up to you. Instead, the theme will focus on an area of watercolor lettering you need to work on. Or watercolor techniques themselves.

Each month there will be worksheets, videos or other guides to help you along. January already has some cool brush lettering worksheets for you. With more to come later.

How to participate

1. Hold yourself accountable and practice every day. Even a little bit counts.

2. Follow the prompts and theme for the month.

3. Post a photo of it on Instagram using #2018techallenge and tag me @twoeasels because I want to see what you do too.

4. Explore and have fun. Try to experiment with the monthly theme and really learn.

5. Have fun, check out other participants and let's get to know each other.


Where to find monthly themes?

On the main portal, I'll post new links and resources and they become available. Visit main portal.

I'll be posting to social media, but the portal is where the challenge will live.


Currently on Instagram using #2018techallenge