Hi everyone!
I'm so glad you made it to this survey and I hope you can help me create this course for you.

Please don't feel obligated or pressured to answer every question, they are not all required, but if you do that will only help me more, and you in the long run.

How would you like to take this course?
Are you a beginner to hand lettering?
Do you have basic drawing skills?
For example: do you know how to sketch a human figure? A 3D cube? A tree?
If you don't do it yet, why do you want to start?
What would your ideal hand lettering book contain?
Do you know the history of typography or hand lettering?
If you already have experience with art, what is your go to medium?
What do you want to do with your finished pieces? If you don't do hand lettering yet what would you use it for?
Do you want to participate in hand lettering contests or challenges?
For instance on Instagram or facebook?
Are you an artist but want to learn to letter?
Do you prefer video tutorials or written out tutorials with photos
Are you interested in a lesson on the different tools out there?
Like pens, markers, pencils, brushes, inks?
Do you wish to learn the color theory?
Are you interested in chalkboard lettering?
Would you like a Hand Lettering Community to be part of the course?
Where everyone who is taking the course can come together and share their pieces as they learn.
Are you interested in having a twitter chat with me during the course?
Do you want to learn how to digitize your lettering in Illustrator or Photoshop?
What is the price range you would pay for an in-depth beginners course?
into to drawing, basics of art and type, all about the anatomy of the letter, how to's , tutorials, videos tutorials, community hangout, workbook, and more.
What is the price range you would be willing to pay for a basic beginners course?
no access to community, less in depth workbook, fewer videos, no history on typography or lettering, no in depth tutorials on art and drawing.
What time of day do you wish to receive this course in your email?



Thank you! Very much, keep in touch and see how the project comes along. Follow me on Instagram  and Twitter using #theletteringcourse and facebook for updates and more goodies and announcements to come.


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