Do you want to get better at lettering?
Well then you need to practice, and practice daily.

August Lettering Challenge


This monthly challenge will inspire and motivate you to practice so that you can really be proud of you work, and heck, making that Instagram feed look beautiful isn't a bad thing either.

The challenge is open to everyone who wants to participate


If you enrolled in TheLetteringCourse you know by now that practice is key to getting better at lettering. And the best way to hold yourself accountable is with a challenge. 

So don't wait, start lettering today!

I loved seeing everyone's posts on Instagram in the last two months, but I quickly realized that even though some of you are students of mine and are part of the Facebook group, I still don't know you that well. So this month I decided to change that. 

I love summer, do you? I decided to make this month all about summer vibes and fun things we do during this season. So grab your favorite tool and start lettering. Prefferably in the sun.


The challenge starts August 1st!


How to participate


1. Hold yourself accountable and hand letter the phrase of the day.

2. Post a photo of it on Instagram using #SunFunAugust and tag me @twoeasels because I want to meet you too.


Post a photo of it on the Facebook Group in the appropriate daily thread.

3. Try out different styles and tools. Explore and have fun.

4. Have fun, check out other participants and let's get to know each other.



Currently on Instagram using #SunFunAugust