90 days of drills challenge to practice brush calligraphy

Want to take your brush calligraphy to a new level?



Try this #90DaysOfDrills challenge, that's only 3 months, and watch how your strokes improve every day. This challenge is designed to get you practicing the right way, every day.

Every week for 90 days (because 365 days is too much and 30 is just not enough) I will send you an email with the new strokes for that week. 

    28 days of drills

    26 days of uppercase letters

    26 days of lowercase letters

    10 days of numbers

My recommended pens to start with.

More about the challenge

P.S. Make sure to check your Promotions tab in Gmail.com or spam or junk emails. I don't want you to miss anything. If you don't get an email after an hour please let me know and I will check if you are on the list.


The moment you signed up and got the first email marks your first day. That means that a week from that day at 6 am (yes I changed it to 6 am so you don't have to wait all day) you will get week 2, and a week after that you will get week 3, and so on.

Want to work at your own pace? You can purchase all 90 worksheets now, no need to wait for a weekly email.

Although if you tend to print things and then forget about them then I'd suggest signing up for the weekly emails, but if you want to really work at your own pace just grab the full $5 pack now.

There is no need to catch up to everyone. This is a self-paced challenge, your 90 days start when you sign up, not on a specific date or necessarily a Monday, It's different for everyone. 

And don't forget to share, the more the merrier.


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